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I’ve been running regularly for a long time now, taking part in a few half marathons a year, but like many others, 2020 has been difficult, I found it hard to keep motivated and although I kept up the running, I wasn’t feeling or seeing the benefits anymore. 

My diet wasn’t great, I felt really down and the HIIT class I used to do didn’t restart so I had no focus. I came across Elite through a friend of mine and I initially went to meet Stephen to sign up to a group session, but after meeting with him I was ready to give PT a go. 

Right away what I liked was that Stephen took into account that I work full time and I have three kids, he seemed to understand what I needed as an individual. I felt it wasn’t just a ‘one size fits all deal’. 

Every session was modified as I got stronger, Stephen has the ability to motivate you even when you think you are done, he manages to really get the maximum effort from you in every session. The feeling of achievement after every class for me has been such a huge boost mentally. 

Being at home literally 24/7 since March has been a massive challenge and having the classes has absolutely given me back confidence in myself. A big change for me has been my sleep patterns, I’m getting a much more restful sleep, my diet has improved drastically with his guidance, which previously has always been a big challenge for me. 

His approach is to change your lifestyle, it’s not just about doing a workout, it’s a real education into how to live better and I really am feeling the benefits mentally and now, after only 13 weeks – I also can’t believe the changes in my body which is of course the icing on the cake. 

There is no focus on weight which is what I was always looking at before, the scales are not important now. By making small, gradual changes the transformation has been really manageable. I’ve done no dieting, I’m actually eating more (but better food), no calorie counting, just a good balance and really solid advice from Stephen. 

The sessions change all the time so I always feel challenged and that I have achieved something each time. Delighted I signed up and can’t wait to see the changes after another 13 weeks – roll on 2021 and thank you so much Stephen for getting me this far!

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