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I’ve flirted with exercise on/off my whole life but I’ve never trained consistently. Previously it was about slimming down for an occasion, getting into a dress etc; as soon the event was over I’d go back to my old habits and the weight would pile back on again. 

I was like a constant yo-yo.

Stephen has very gently shown me that my entire attitude and outlook to exercise and food has been so wrong for so very long. Now I train for myself and not for an event. It’s not about getting into a dress and I’ve no idea what I weigh! I also have no idea how many calories are in the foods I now eat and I don’t need to know because what I eat now is about the nutritional content and not about how many calories are on the pack.

I do know how many calories I can now burn on an assault bike though! I know this, not because I’m watching my calories but because I’m monitoring my physical progress. I couldn’t understand when I started why Stephen was timing the exercises, I didn’t care about the time I just wanted to breathe and survive! Now I find myself looking at the clock and thinking “I can do the next round quicker!”

I’m a nicer person-inside and out-when I train! With two young kids at home it gives me space to concentrate on my own goals. I train at 6am, most people think I’m mad but I feel invincible once I’ve finished! 

Its Christmas week and about a week since my last session and I’m itching to get back. 

I cannot thank Stephen enough, elite has given me a whole fresh perspective on life. I want to be the best I can for myself & my family. I feel a huge sense of pride when my three year old greets me sleepily as I return from training and asks “where you doing your exercise Mam?”

Book a session with Elite, it will be the best decision you’ll make. Your future you will be so very grateful.

Thank you Stephen


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