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"Having trained with Stephen before in 2014 I was delighted to train with him again in his fantastic new premises, offering a second-to-none wellness and fitness coaching business.

His advice, wealth of research and experience, in my opinion, is honestly the best in the business. I've trained with various clubs and personal trainers in the past, including crossfit, HIIT classes, duathalons, marathons and obstacle course racing, as well as transformation coaches, but have never found anyone as knowledgeable and well read as Stephen.

What I found, most refreshing this time was the uniquely tailored program I received, but with a stronger focus on wellness and longterm "fit-for-life" approach. Much less emphasis on aesthetics and constant watching of calories and weight in an attempt to achieve a much more balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

I've that much confidence in his advice that, this time I decided I wasn't going to waste anymore time going from club to club or changing training or nutrition technique, and I signed up for a full year's personal training and online coaching course. I get a new training program and a personal check-in with Stephen every two weeks and any problems or questions are answered the same day, no hassle. For me, this is the perfect combination and just enough self-discipline, adherence and accountability to make this type of training and healthy lifestyle sustainable for a long and healthy life to be achieved.

Well done Stephen and Laura of Elite Fitness. Your service is exactly what the fitness industry needs.👌👏👏


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