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Personal Training
Small Group Training


Weight Loss | Fat Loss

Weight loss

Weight loss training is aimed at those who have a target of specifically losing weight. Training focuses on conditioning and cardiovascular style workouts, incorporating high velocity exercises with incomplete recoveries. 

Fat loss

Fat loss training focuses on those who want to lose body fat and add muscle definition. Training emphasis on Strength & Conditioning style workouts, implementing weight bearing exercises to build strength and cardiovascular demanding exercises to develop aerobic capabilities.



Hypertophy training is for those who want to increase their lean muscle tissue and definition. Training focus is on implementing weight bearing exercises to load the muscles for time under tension.


Sports Performance

Sports performance training is for those who want to maximise their performance potential in their chosen sport. Training is developed based on the physical requirements of the sport and the demands placed on the athlete. A comprehensive analysis is conducted to help identify key areas for improvement that can help the athlete reach their full potential:
Mobility | Flexibility | Stability | Strength | Power | Energy Systems


Wellbeing - Lifestyle Management

Biosignature Modulation

The Biosignature modulation is aimed at those of all ages, genders and sizes, who have a goal of improving their longterm Health and Wellbeing.

The Biosiganture modulation targets those who are struggling to get results and who are storing stubborn body fat on particular ‘problem’ areas of their body, e.g. thighs, stomach, arms.

The initial Biosignature consultation will give you an insight into your unique hormonal profile and advise on a corresponding training programme, nutrition plan, supplementation advice and recommended lifestyle changes. Body fat measurements are taken using skin fold callipers and recorded as percentage body fat which allows a more specific insight into your fat loss reduction and allows appropriate changes to be made at weekly reviews if needed.

Biosignature Modulation, founded by world-renowned S&C coach Charles Poliquin, is an extremely successful method used all over the world to provide advice and guidance to individuals based on their unique hormonal and genetic profile. 

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Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screening (FMS) assessment is a great tool to help improve movement efficiency which is vitally important in any form of exercise, particularly sports which display increased varied movement patterns.

The Functional Movement Screen process includes the following:

- Identifying movement dysfunctions and/or limitations 

- Identifying why there may be movement limitations and dysfunctions present

- Advising correctional exercises to correct any movement dysfunctions or limitations

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