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"Despite a tough session yesterday with Stephen I’m looking forward to the next one.

This is actually what I have found special since I started training with Elite Fitness in September.

I have trained for sport or in the Gym for over 30 years and I can’t remember when I enjoyed my training so much.

The small intimate setting of the group sessions and Stephens knowledge and example has given me back a love of training and keeping fit.

Stephen is a great example of somebody who enjoys the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and his enthusiasm for what he does just seems to rub off.

He doesn’t just give you advice, he lives it!  This is quite unique in my experience and very motivational."

I joined Elite in September after 6 months of CV19 lock down.

I was in the worst shape of my life after putting on a few pounds and not having seen the inside of a Gym in over 6 months.

I started doing 3 sessions a week of conditioning work  and within a few short weeks I could feel ( and see)  the benefits.

A major increase in energy and a motivation to get fitter and stronger that I haven’t felt in years.

An added benefit of working with Elite Fitness is that Stephen and Laura are a Husband and Wife team with a unique complimentary skillset.

Stephens experience and knowledge in strength and conditioning and Laura’s experience treating and rehabilitating sports related injuries work great together.

Like anybody my age after a lifetime of playing sports there are inevitable niggling injuries and aches that need to be addressed.

Stephen was able to highlight areas of mechanical weakness and Laura was able to treat and provide input into rehab exercises that have helped me address those weakness and remain injury free.

After a few short months I am really happy with my progress , my enthusiasm is higher than ever and I’m looking forward to see what more I can achieve.

What started with a focus on getting some exercise has naturally extended to me looking after my diet better and making better choices in terms of my nutrition.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Stephen and Laura in 2021 and I can’t recommend Elite Fitness enough to anybody looking to start a fitness journey of their own.


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