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“I have just completed a 5 week Personal Training programme with Stephen at Elite, I cut 9.5cm of my stomach area. It was a pleasure training with Stephen and I can’t thank him enough. He is the best in the business”


“I have been going to Elite for 4 years now. By far the best gym I've ever been to (I’ve been to many)! Staff are so friendly and encouraging! Classes are always different and fun and I never get bored of coming. Would def recommend it to anyone thinking about joining!!

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“I started bootcamp in Elite over a year ago and am no doubt one of the oldest bootcampers! Before I started I was nervous as I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to keep up with what everyone else was doing despite having previously gone to small group training for 6 months. I contacted Stephen for advice and he encouraged me to 'just try it'.  Well I was right - I wasn't able to keep up with everyone - but with Stephen's guidance and constant encouragement I was able to begin exercising at a level that was right for me and have now progressed to lifting much heavier weights and doing things that I never thought I would be able to do! Each exercise is demonstrated and clearly explained so that you know exactly what you are doing. Everyone you meet there is extremely friendly and welcoming and I would encourage anyone who is thinking of coming to train at Elite to 'just try it' - I guarantee you will never regret it!“


“Can not recommend these guys enough ! Just finished my 4 week boot camp something I was dreading starting but now I've enjoyed it that much signed up for another 4 weeks. Being a busy mum and working I found it very difficult to get time for any sort of fitness routine but this with out a doubt has to be the best for me. Very helpful and supportive team always on hand to help and offer advice and most of all push you to work harder !! Thanks Elite :)”


“An absolutely brilliant gym! Elite will push you too your limits but its so enjoyable & the results are amazing. The hard work and dedication really does pay off!!! Couldn't recommend it enough”


“If you are wondering what to do to improve your wellbeing get yourself to Elite and get speaking to Stephen. The most knowledgeable, and best gym instructor I have ever come across. Just finished 4 weeks of training and feeling so well on all levels of my being.”


“Myself and my husband have been going to Stephen for the last 7 weeks and we have seen complete body transformations in that space of time. Stephen helps you through 3 weekly workouts as well as weekly weigh ins and dietary advice. We now thankfully have much healthier bodies with blood pressure levels dropping instantly after 2 weeks of workouts. I cannot recommend Stephen enough and Would highly recommend Him to anyone in need of a weigh loss programme or a change in lifestyle for the long term.“


“Elite is a super place to train. Stephen is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Strength and Conditioning and is very focused on clients' setting goals and achieving them. The bootcamp is fantastic and very challenging. Stephen gives regular feedback and doesn't let anyone in the group away with "lazy technique." He also pushes you on to lift heavier weights and this really increases the intensity of the sessions. There is a great online facility that supports the work done in the gym. This is a great facility run by very professional people.“


It's an understatement how much Elite have helped me over the past few months. Stephen is a brilliant trainer, he is constantly motivating and reminding me of my goal and has always time to explain how to get the most from your work out and the benefits it provides. His knowledge on nutrition is second to none and because of this I now have a healthier diet. Overall if you are looking for a change in lifestyle I would recommend Elite to anyone.“

and many more...

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