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I have trained hard most of my adult life, I’ve run several half marathons, been a keen cyclist and a devoted adventure racer, sometimes competing in events all around Ireland up to 70km. Like everyone Covid was a really tough time for me, even pre- Covid I had really lost my motivation, and I hadn’t done any exercise for months, I was anxious, eating all the wrong foods and my mental health was really suffering.

I moved to Ballyboughal in September and got introduced to Stephen & Laura from Elite. I had never done PT or weight training before and it wasn’t something that I had ever even considered trying as I never really thought it could work for me. And oh, was I wrong!

From the very first meeting with Stephen, I felt this sense of ease, he really has a special way with people that ultimately makes them feel comfortable and positive about what they are about to embark on. The minute I left our first meeting I was excited about my journey ahead.

Since starting with Stephen I have never felt fitter, stronger, and overall healthier in my life. What I love about going to Elite is I now know how to train, how to think about good wholesome food without checking calories all the time. I also suffer from acid reflux and Stephen has really educated me on the right foods which have changed my life.

My training has never been more consistent, and I look forward to my session every week with Stephen. It is just a way of life for me now and I expect to achieve bigger and better goals in 2021 with my training in Elite. I cannot speak more highly of Stephen and Laura and if you are thinking about doing PT in 2021, Elite is the place to be.


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