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I have been receiving physiotherapy from Laura at Elite for many years now and I can confirm that Laura is simply exceptional in her administration of physiotherapy, and I should know as I have really tested Lauras skills over the years with every conceivable injury possible!

Injuries ranging from shoulder tendinitis, knee injuries, hip injuries, forearm strains through weight lifting, calf strains through running, plantar fasciitis and even back injuries! Laura prompted recovery in all of my injuries in lightening quick time and had me back training as quickly as possible (Gym work, running etc).

In fact, I have yet to present a problem to Laura that she could not fix! She is simply first class and will have you back training as quickly as possible. When dealing with Laura, you will be immediately aware that you are dealing with a person who is extremely passionate and knowledgable about her field and you can see that she really takes great pride in her work and in resolving your issues.

Unlike other physio’s I have attended (before Laura) she is not merely satisfied at performing 30 mins of manipulation before taking your money and firing you out the door. No, instead, Laura will take her time to make a detailed assessment of your injury before observing you perform some exercises (at her Lovely modern and well kitted our clinic by the way) . Laura then actively encourages you to get back to training through the use of her injury specific and well planned out recovery exercises at home, exercises that will strengthen and rehabilitate your injury. Laura even follows up with texts to check on progress between sessions.

I cannot recommend Laura and indeed elite highly enough and have referred many of my work colleagues, close friends and family members to her, all of whom are now attending elite. All of which have come back to me with thanks for recommending Laura and elite. Don’t hesitate, get an appointment for physiotherapy or personal training now, if you can!


Elite gym with Stephen has been a fantastic experience for me this year. Stephen is highly motivating & knowledgeable with an holistic approach to health & well being!!! His positivity is always welcomed during a tough workout!! I feel Stephen gets to know individual abilities of clients & caters for this in group sessions. He encourages you to push yourself as hard as you can under close supervision of correct movements. Dietary advice is greatly appreciated & lots of ideas are provided online for clients. During lockdown our group classes were moved online effortlessly, but still involved a different but as intense workout to that in the gym!!!
Laura provides a super physio therapy services which compliments gym fitness through developing improvements of body posture & strength.
I look forward to continuing my gym workouts in 2021 as it’s given me a new look at my lifestyle. Thanks so much Stephen & Laura for your fantastic support over the last few months.


I have trained on and off for a number of years and went through phases  of being really consistent and then doing nothing. I suffered with lower back pain and tightness in my legs. Thanks to Stephen and Laura  both of these have improved dramatically and rarely affect me. I have been training consistently since joining Stephen and Laura's team and have been enjoying the training. Stephen knows how to challenge and get the best out of us. I love how his sessions change every couple of weeks and are always challenging. Their attention to detail and his knowledge and guidance has improved my form and consistency dramatically. I would highly recommend elite. Thanks for everything Stephen and Laura


I would have trained on and off for a number of years and never really kept the consistency. I have suffered from chronic back pain for as long as I can remember. Thanks to Stephen and Laura I have been training consistently for the past 6months with no pain. The wealth of experience they both bring to the table along with the positivity and motivation provided by Stephen in his sessions are first class. All the workouts are challenging with a specific focus in mind. Stephen has a knack of gauging ur limits and pushing you to achieve them. Stephen’s attention to detail and guidance has improved my form dramatically. I would have no hesitation in recommending ELITE. Top class service.


I started pt training with Steven in September. Within a few weeks I saw benefits in my overall wellbeing. The benefits to me were migraines were reduced, posture improved and overall vitality was better. I cannot recommend Steven highly enough. Steven has shown me what the body is capable of doing and how you can achieve great results in a short period of time. With his positive approach and the belief that you can do it...I feel like I am going from strength to strength. I am looking forward to what I can achieve in 2021.


Great training with Stephen. He is always so positive and a great motivator. I always leave the session feeling good about myself. Looking forward to continuing training in the New Year.


Stephen and Laura are the most professional people in the business. I’m new to this so they made me feel most comfortable and everything was tailored to my personal ability. I’m looking forward to continuing this new lifestyle in 2021!


I would highly recommend training with Stephen, he is very professional at his job I told him goals and he has helped me get them.


Absolutely brilliant service to have in our village Laura and Steven are very professional and a pleasure to deal with.


Went to Elite for help overcoming a persistent hip injury. Great facility but it's real strength is the expertise of its owners. Stephen & Laura combined their respective experience in strength & conditioning and sports physiotherapy to design a progressive rehabilitation program that has already helped improve strength and movement in my hip. They set out a very clear plan with incremental changes in the load & volume of activity and provided advice on how to structure rehab sessions around training for my own sport.
Highly recommended.


I have been working with Stephen at Elite for a few years. Like any GAA player I struggled to find the right balance between strength and conditioning and team training. I was trying to do everything and was doing myself more harm than good. Right from I started working with Stephen, he designed a programme that allowed me to get the best of both worlds and my performance improved dramatically, giving me the best years of my career. As a GAA player himself, Stephen understood the need to break the season down into stages, allowing me to be in peak condition at the most important stage of the year. He and Laura also gave me a pre-hab/ stretching program which ensured I never suffered an injury at any time, despite the increased workload. I would highly recommend any athletes aspiring to get the absolute maximum out of their sport to give Elite a try, it will be well worth it!


I started a 6 week programme in the middle of November with Stephen with the intent of preparing for the Gaa pre-season in January, it included very simple but effective exercises. As we were in a lockdown and I had limited equipment, Stephen was able to design a programme around the equipment I had. A couple weeks into the programme I could already see results. It was very easy to follow and all the exercises where explained in detail. Also if there was any problems Stephen was only a message away to help you out. I look forward to working with Stephen again in the near Future.


I have had loads of sessions with Laura over the years due to muscle problems and I never hesitate to contact her if anything else has gone wrong and she has always helped me. Stephen also gave me a strengthening program for me to maintain and build my muscles and performance even when I was not a client of his. I couldn't recommend Laura, Stephen and Elite Training enough for both recovery/rehabilitation and improving fitness.


I went to Laura for physio after she was recommended to me........having been in pain I had instant relief and more importantly laura explained everything to me from the cause of the injury to the exercises to remedy it. Have been back again for treatment in relation to separate matter & again was given a top class service. Can not recommend laura highly enough!!


I have been working with Laura for the past 16 months and the results I have achieved with her knowledge and enthusiasm have exceeded my own expectations. Laura shows a real interest in all aspects of my sports activities and devises a programme suited to my needs that both challenges and improves me. The new facility is very professionally equipped and conveniently located. There’s also the additional benefit of very motivating chats with Stephen as well.


Excellent - Would highly recommend. Laura helped me get back from a recurring hamstring injury in a progressive manner. Professional approach and advice provided throughout the process. Sessions are not rushed, video content of mobility work provided and regular contact throughout recovery period certainly helped focus the mind.


Video Testimonials

"In my first 4 months, I lost 2 and a half stone. That was amazing"

'Laura is an extremely experienced Physiotherapist and I would highly recommend her'

'I would highly recommend Laura. She has been absolutely fantastic. My back has never been in better condition'

'Life changing experience to have met both Laura & Stephen'

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