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Favour Weight Training for Fat Loss

Always favour weight training with a fairly large volume if your primary goal is fat loss. The German Body Composition (GBC) programme is designed to help you lose fat because it uses short rest intervals, relatively heavy weights and all the large muscle groups to help you produce a lot of lactic acidosis and growth hormone. GBC helps you to continue experiencing adaptations and fat loss by including periodic changes to the programme in loads, tempo, rest periods and set-rep schemes. 

GBC or a similar training programme is all you need for fat loss, assuming your diet is in order. However, if you still like to do conditioning, whether it’s playing sports or hiking in the mountains, it’s important you know that “more is not necessarily better” for weight loss.

You must match your training to your goal. If fat loss is the goal, you need to do weight training with a fairly large volume, compound movements and short rest intervals. Add intervals for conditioning. Never do steady-state aerobics for more than 30 minutes.

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