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Develop Perfect Technique

Training technique is a fundamental skill that will allow you to achieve success in the gym, just as fundamental skills like dibbling or footwork are needed in sports such as Soccer.

Training technique includes knowing the basic mechanics of a lift. If you are doing a full squat, you know you need to go all the way down until the hamstring covers the calf, but not to the point where your pelvis caves under. You also must keep your back tight, chest up and open, and ensure your knees track over your toes.

You also should consider that training to "technical failure" is a very effective strategy for gaining muscle and strength. It does not mean continuing to lift until you are physically unable to perform another repetition. Rather, you lift until you are unable to maintain the correct pathway of the bar or dumbbell for every repetition. Once you can no longer lift the weight with proper technique, you should end the set or decrease the weight, depending on the type of training programme you are doing.



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