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Lift Heavy to Get Faster

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Researchers suggest that when endurance training and weight training are done concurrently, the endurance training provides an "atrophy stimulus" that blunts the muscle growth and strength response that is normally produced by heavy weight-training programmes. This result is an increase in neuromuscular strength and greater motor-unit recruitment, but no significant muscle gains.

Endurance athletes should strength train to improve their speed while shedding body fat. Strength and power athletes should understand that the atrophy stimulus referred to is the main reason they should never do endurance training. Similarly, recreational trainees who are not training for an endurance event (10K race or triathlon) should never do endurance training because it will compromise their strength and muscle development. Even if fat loss is the primary goal, sprint intervals are the favoured mode of conditioning rather than endurance training.

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