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Lose Body Fat with High-Intensity Training at Elite

Common exercise methods of high-intensity training include sprint intervals, modified strongman training, stair or hill running with or without load, and of course weight training with short rests and moderate loads.

High-intensity training burns a lot of calories in a short time and contains an anaerobic component. Even if you shift into using the aerobic or oxidative energy system during the workout, high-intensity training requires a lot more energy per unit of time than steady-state aerobic training. It produces significant lactic acid accumulation, which results in a large release of growth hormone. Growth hormone (GH) is well known for its fat-burning ability. Some high intensity training methods will also boost testosterone, while minimising cortisol. The result is more fat loss.

Due to the superior hormone response, high-intensity training will also build muscle, which elevates the metabolism. Further the post-exercise oxygen consumption is greater in strenuous interval or weight training than in steady-state exercise, leading to greater calorie burn in recovery period.

Our Elite Classes apply methods of High-Intensity Training. You can book your Elite Class via our website.

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