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Strength Train and Avoid Steady-State Cardio to Gain Muscle

Unless your main goal is to run an endurance race - or enter a cycling, swimming or rowing competition - you shouldn’t be performing any steady-state aerobic training because it will compromise your body composition gains.

Steady-state endurance exercise alone provides no gains in muscle size or strength and can have a degrading effect on lean tissue. There’s also ample data showing that combined steady-state endurance and strength training will not lead to any significant gain in muscle mass, although it can increase strength and endurance performance.

Strength training is far superior to endurance training if you want to increase muscle size and power. This is especially true for older individuals. If your goal is to improve body composition, strength training is the way to go. If you enjoy and prefer endurance training, add strength training to it because the combined benefits include less muscle degradation, increased strength, increased speed and power, and a better hormone response.

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