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Take Magnesium & Zinc for Improved Performance

Supplementing with magnesium will increase red blood cell production. It also increases the availability of both zinc and magnesium to support energy production, muscle contractions, and removal of waste products produced by intense exercise.

Magnesium is redistributed through the body when you start exercising, which is one reason that studies trying to identify the optimal daily intake of magnesium for different populations have produced inconclusive results. What is clear is that athletes have a greater need for magnesium; 500mg a day is a reasonable dose. Needs are higher if you sweat heavily or if you experience symptoms of low magnesium, such as muscle spasms , arrhythmias, or unexplained fatigue or weakness when training.

Zinc is also involved in optimal red blood cell production, and it allows for the release of anabolic and fat-burning hormones during exercise. it plays an interrelated role with magnesium and calcium; one study has found that when intra-abdominal pressure is increased (such as when performing squats), brain-blood levels of magnesium, calcium and zinc are altered significantly.

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