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Train Like Your Ancestors To Achieve Optimal Health

An “organic” training programme that includes the physical movements that our genome is best conditioned for will prevent disease and eliminate obesity as a problem. Best results will come if you make fitness fun.

The typical hunter-gatherer performed what could be called a ”cross-training” regimen today. Our ancestors engaged daily in brisk walking, jogging, sprinting after prey, carrying rocks, meat and children long distances, digging, butchering meat, gathering food, constructing shelters and tools, and transporting water. This is not to suggest we abandon our urban lives, technology or jobs to go live in the woods, but we’d do well to shift to a “Paleo” lifestyle. Here are a few tips on how to do it.

•Perform interval training a few times a week with bursts of high-intensity training followed by recovery. This improves cardiovascular, pulmonary and muscular fitness.

•Strength train with heavy loads and periodized phases continually produce gains in strength and muscle mass.

•Regularly exercise outside. Our ancestors performed all their “training” outdoors, and studies show that outdoor exercise, even in less than ideal weather, will improve mood and adherence. It will also raise the level of vitamin D.

•Walk and run on natural surfaces as much as possible – get off the pavement.

•Get training partners. Our ancestors performed much of their strenuous activity in a social setting, which invites competition as well as cooperation, leading to better results and more enjoyment.

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