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Vary Tempo to Lose Fat and Get Stronger

Vary the amount of time you spend on each phase of an exercise to lose fat and get stronger. Called "tempo", manipulating the time you spend on each phase of an exercise will allow you to get the most out of your training. This means you intentionally programme the number of seconds it takes to raise and lower the weight . A very basic tempo for a novice trainee in the bench press would be 4 seconds down (eccentric motion), and a 1 second pause at the top before starting the next rep. This would be written as 4011.

Explosive tempo is ideal for recruiting the highest-threshold motor units and stimulating fast-twitch type II muscle fibres to induce muscle growth and strength gains. not only will you build strength by counting tempo, as long as you train with adequate intensity in the form of moderately heavy loads and larger volume to produce lactate buildup, you can also experience body composition benefits.

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