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Master Vs Dabbler - Which one are you?

The master vs. the dabbler.  Which one are you?

Mastery is the path to a successful life. If you look at the most successful, happy and fulfilled people in the world, they are masters.

A dabbler is somebody that starts something but they never finish it, whether that’s a business, a goal, a course, or a relationship. They love the initial excitement and rush of starting something new. The moment the newness fades, they move on. When the dabbler hits a plateau and they get challenged, they jump ship. They move onto something else because the initial newness has worn off.

The master is somebody that commits to everything. They stay on the path day after day, year after year. They don't get distracted. If they cant find the way, they make the way.  There is no plan B. They understand that there is a process to everything. It's never about perfection. They understand it's a journey.

The key to longterm success is consistency. It's a Lifestyle.

Be a Master.



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